Private Chef Cost & Rates

Our aim is to find the chef that’s right for you whatever your budget. That’s why Crave TCI offers private chef service in Turks and Caicos with a range of salary expectations, dependant on experience and qualifications.

The cost to hire a chef is dependent not just on their level of experience but also on a number of other factors including the length of the job, hours worked, low or peak season, the number of meals being cooked per day and the style of food required.

We’ve put together a very rough price guide to give you an indication of what our chef’s charge. However the best thing to do is call us or send us a request so we can talk through your requirements and give you a more personal and accurate quote.

Private Chef Rates & Services in Turks and Caicos

Daily Chef Rate: 1-8 Pax $800, 9-16 Pax $1000

Meal Rates

Breakfast: 1-8 $250, 9-16 $350

Lunch Chef: 1-8 $350, 9-16 $450

Dinner Chef: 1-8 $450, 9-16 $750

Weekly Chef Rate: $6,300.00

Butler Service: $300.00 / Day

Chef rates are exclusive of food.