Experienced team of private chefs in Turks and Caicos 

Our internationally experienced personal chefs in Turks and Caicos come from around the globe and bring their own skills set and unique cuisine art to take you on a culinary adventure.

Johann "Fritz" Zwahlen


Johann Friedrich Zwahlen’s award-winning culinary approach has been authentically guided by his experiences across multiple continents, a roster of world-renowned mentors, a nomadic mindset, and a fervor for experimentation.

Executive private chef Fritz Zwahlen has plated exceptional dishes for the world's finest hotels and restaurants such as (Aman Resorts, Lizard Island Resorts, Paul Bocuse, El Cellar de Can Rocca, Alkimia, Zuma)  — from his native country Switzerland to Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turks and Caicos, Barcelona, London, Miami and now back to Turks and Caicos (to name a few locations). This resume has given him a wide lens and a dynamic palette for curating his seasonally inspired masterpieces.

Though the climates, customers, and cultures he encounters have stark differences, Zwahlen remains true to letting fresh, local ingredients pave the way for his creations.

With his beloved French, Mediterranean and Asian cooking techniques and affinity for natural, destination-specific goods, Zwahlen brings a blended, fresh flavour to CRAVE TCI personal chef service. He maintains the same sharp focus on the quality products and mindfully sourced ingredients that have shaped his success. Turks and Caicos Islands may be the most ideal place to showcase his bespoke style—with all-organic meat, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy free menu selections, and seasonally conscious offerings that complement CRAVE TCI’s brand. Zwahlen looks forward to introducing travellers and locals alike to out-of-the-box, healthy dishes.


Devan Rajkumar


Chef Devan Rajkumar’s relentless passion and ambition to become one of the best in the food service industry is rooted in his time spent as a young boy in a tiny apartment kitchen with his Guyanese grandmother. Her dedication and enthusiasm for food was instilled in Chef Devan and so began his quest for life-changing flavour profiles. 


Before his formal training at Toronto’s George Brown College for Honours Culinary Management, Chef Devan honed his skills under celebrated local Chef Adrian Niman of the Food Dudes catering company during a time of explosive growth. After several years of high-end catering, Chef Devan parlayed his position as Sous Chef with the Food Dudes into an Executive Chef role at Luxe Appliance Studio, a multi-million dollar showcase kitchen for his favourite brands Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau. Between 2012 and 2014, Chef Devan found his flair for live culinary demonstrations and entertained thousands of guests. Someone took to his liking and in 2014, Chef Dev became a regular guest on Cityline, one of Canada’s longest running daytime shows, and found his love of the spotlight. His onscreen presence and charm ensure he is a regularly returning guest to this day, but he did not stop there. Chef Devan leveraged this local recognition to start his own catering company, ChefDev, in 2015 where he focuses on highly curated in-home dining experiences. Hungry for more knowledge, he also joined Chef Matt Blondin (Momofuku, Acadia, Colbourne Lane, Blondie’s) as he opened Omaw on Toronto’s up-and-coming Ossington Ave. 


Feeling an itch for travel and more exposure to world flavours, Chef Devan travelled the globe for six months in 2016, cooking in India, Dubai, Italy, Peru and London, England. Back in Toronto, Chef Devan co-founded the Chef Battle, both hosting and competing in events across Canada, from Kelowna, BC to St. John’s, NL. Again, someone noticed and Chef Devan appeared in national TV and print commercials for Kraft-Heinz.


2017 saw another restaurant opening for Chef Devan: Loch & Quay in Toronto’s harbourfront district, but he could not stay out of the spotlight for long. A cover story and profile in On the Go magazine also led to his charming smile being displayed on a massive billboard in Toronto’s Dundas Square and New York’s Times Square in the summer of 2018. Chef Devan’s work with Second Harvest, Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank, Shelterbox and York Region District schools was recognized in November 2018 with his selection as a Toronto City Mogul, a charity fashion show featuring Toronto’s top entrepreneurs.


Chef Devan continues to volunteer his time with local charitable organizations and schools, while acting a brand ambassador for the Food Dudes, appearing on Cityline and running his own catering company.

Here his quest for life changing flavour profiles began! Prior to his completion of Culinary Management (Honours) at George Brown College Devan began training at the Food Dudes under the watchful eye of Chef Adrian Niman. After several years of training in high-end catering and world inspired cuisine, Devan left his post as Sous Chef at the Food Dudes to become the Executive Chef at the Luxe Appliance Studio from 2012-2014, he remains a brand ambassador for the Food Dudes to this day. A multi-million dollar showroom located in Toronto’s design district which houses Bosch, Thermador and Devan’s absolute favourite appliance manufacturer, Gaggenau. Here, Devan began to hone his flare for live culinary demonstrations. In 2014 Devan became a regular culinary guest Expert on City TV’s critically acclaimed morning television show Cityline which he continues to film regularily and returned to catering under his business name Chef Dev. In 2015 Devan joined a post at Omaw in Toroto on the fanmous Ossington strip to train under Chef Matt Blondin (formerly Momofuku, Acadia, Colbourne Lane). Devan embarked on a 6 month food tour in 2016 and cooked in London England, India, Dubai, Italy and Peru. Devan was also one of the founding chefs for Toronto’s chef battle league and in 2017 travelled across Canada from Kelowna BC, to St. John’s NL not only hosting but also competing in chef battles. Devan has appeared in two commercials for Kraft-Heinz and has extensive TV experience. In 2017 Devan opened up Loch & Quay restaurant on Toronto’s Waterfront. In August 2018 Devan made the cover for On the Go magazine which is a publication distributed all over Toronto, his cover photo made a billboard in Dundas Square Toronto and even Time Square New York. In November 2018 Devan was nominated and selected as a Toronto City Mogul, a fashion show geared at celebrating Toronto’s top entrepreneurs and raisig money for charity. Devan has worked closely with Second Harvest, Daily Bread Food Bank & Shelterbox, York Region Public Schools and regularily volunteers.